For Group Sales, Watch This First!

If you are interested in getting tickets for your group of at least 20+ people to see "I'll Push You" on November 2, then we have some important information to share with you first. Please watch below…


Group Tickets

Bring your friends, neighbors, coworkers, anyone to see I'll Push You! Below you will find two different options we offer for group ticket sales.

Option A: Buy Group Tickets at a Current Theater

Find a current theater and bring your entire group of at least 20 or more to purchase tickets for your group! Note: Group tickets very by theater so please click the button below to download our group sales PDF below. You can also download our "cinemas" list too.


Option B: Bring This Movie to a Theater in My City!

Before you read on, make sure you check to see if "I'll Push You" is playing in your city already! If not, and you would like to bring the film your city/town, you will need to purchase at least 100 tickets (or work with other churches and groups for 100 combined tickets). MINIMUM OF 100 TICKETS REQUIRED.

Note: Simply making a request does not guarantee we can bring our film to your city. However, we will do our best to try!