Introducing the Gratitude Campaign!

Here's a super easy way to say "thank you" to those who have "pushed" you in life. To get started, watch this quick video from Justin & Patrick!


Want to Get Started?
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Our Challenge to You

It's simple. Write a Letter/Note to Someone Who Has "Pushed" You in Life!

Step 1.
Identify Three or More People

Pick three or more individuals who have had significant impact on your life. These should be individuals who have helped shape who you are such as friends, family, or mentors.

Step 2.
Write a Letter/Note of Thanks

Write a short note identifying how they have helped shape your life. Maybe they helped you in a dark period of your life, mentored you, or helped raise you.

Step 3.
Post & Tag via Social Media

Use your notes to write a social media post thanking the individuals who have impacted you. Tag each of them and challenge them to do the same.

Feeling Ambitious? Make a Video!

We don't want to limit you to making a text post so, if you are feeling a little extra ambitious and would like to get a little creative, then we encourage you to make a video with your smart phone!

Or You Can Send a “Vintage Text”
With Our Limited Edition Letter Writing Kit!

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter from someone in the mail?

Our guess, it's been a while. So, our challenge is for you to take a few minutes and hand write a letter or postcard to someone who has "pushed" you in life!

To make this easy, we have partnered with Egg Press out of Portland, Oregon to create a limited edition I'll Push You "Letter Writing Kit".

Each kit contains:

  • Three "Write-On-Velopes." It's a letter AND an envelope… All in one!
  • Three 5x7 Postcards
  • Five Clear Seals (for envelopes)
  • All designed by Justin Skeesuck's voice!

We only printed 500 kits and they are going to go fast… so, order yours right now for only $15! All proceeds support the marketing efforts of our film I'll Push You.

Note: Price includes shipping anywhere in the US. (Sorry, no international orders at this time)


Use Our Pre-Written Script!

INSTRUCTIONS: Just copy & paste the script below, edit to your liking, then POST via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc!

If I tagged you below, I’m feeling grateful for YOU today. Since you've helped me in some of the toughest moments in my life, I’d like to honor our friendship. See below for your message. The phrase I wrote for you may be small, but each choked me up in deepest appreciation. I found these reflections to be a surprising nudge on a heart that's pretty exhausted from the past week.

So, THANK YOU for saying 'I’ll Push You’ – without you I would never have been able to make it through this journey of life.

Now, I'm pushing you to copy, paste, and tag 3-5 other people (or more) who’ve helped PUSH YOU through difficult moments in life today. And I encourage you to support the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) as they are pushing people all across the country by helping them Live Unlimited. Learn more at:

Here’s how you've PUSHED ME:


Now, Go To Facebook, Tag & Post!