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I’ll Push You chronicles a friendship unlike any other. An excellent sister piece to the film of the same title, this memoir is filled with beautifully honest stories. Composed with equal parts humor and pain, I’ll Push You is an unapologetic exploration of friendship, faith, and love. Writers, Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck, take the reader on two incredible journeys, one being their epic 500-mile wheelchair trek across Northern Spain on the ancient trail known as El Camino de Santiago, the other, the story that is their lifelong friendship.

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"I'll Push You is not just the remarkable story of one able bodied man pushing another man's wheelchair on a 500 mile journey. It's the story of two friends who've spent their entire life's journey pushing each other to be better people. Through their courage, grace and dignity, Justin and Patrick remind us that we are stronger together than separate. As it turns out, we all need a push."

Journalist and Talk Show Host

"This is an inspiring story of love and commitment. It’s the kind story Jesus would have told to His friend. You’ll learn a little more about the power of love in these pages."

New York Times best-selling author of Love Does

"We live in a culture that values romantic love and to a certain extent familial love, but we have very few stories of brotherhood like this one: a story about lifelong friends who, when life became challenging, didn’t back away, but instead became more committed to one another, more connected, more willing to sacrifice. This is an important, beautiful, inspiring story."

New York Times bestselling author of Present Over Perfect and Bread & Wine

"In our fast-paced world of shallow engagement, "I'll Push You" comes as a breath of fresh air, depicting a brotherly friendship that is refreshingly deep and authentic. Disarmingly vulnerable, and dangerously challenging, Patrick and Justin offer us a glimpse of what true friendship can look like if we are willing to take the risks."

Grammy-winning band SWITCHFOOT

"I'll Push You is a powerful story of friendship and faith, defining what it means to a part of a community. The love that is so evident in Justin and Patrick's story is a brilliant reminder of how we should engage with one another, a reminder of what the church is meant to be."

Photographer and Founder of The Purpose Hotel

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