Screening at the Movies & Meaning Film Festival

screenings Apr 13, 2017

I'll Push You at the Movies & Meaning Festival

We're excited to announce that I'll Push You will be screened at the third annual Movies & Meaning Festival, April 27-30 in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Movies & Meaning is a highly unique event where films serve as "campfire experiences" for attendees to wonder, dream, and reflect on our active place in telling stories that make the world better.

The third annual Movies & Meaning Festival will focus on countering the depression of times and restoring faith in the imaginative acts that change the world.

Special guests include Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color Purple; Brian McLaren, author, activist, and theologian; Malidoma Somé, West African Elder and international teacher; Mona Haydar, poet and Muslim interfaith activist; and Gareth Higgins, film critic and Irish peace activist. Attendees will be reenergized by the brilliant diversity of human stories and experiences, and renewed in our work to undo suffering and oppression in all its forms—both inside and out.

Tickets are 40% off right now—learn more here.

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