Awkward Camino Moments - Part 5: She's Pretty!

camino stories Mar 09, 2017

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a habit of misplacing things. Justin and my wife have always given me a hard time about this. At home though, its no big deal, I always find what I have misplaced. However, when you are staying in a different town every night, this is becomes a much bigger deal. On several occasions in Spain, I didn’t have a chance to find my misplaced items before leaving for the next town. This started on our very first day.

She’s Pretty!
By Patrick Gray

Before leaving St. Jean Pied de Port, I lost my glasses. The night before we started trekking on the Camino, Justin, Ted, and I sat with our film crew enjoying a wonderful dinner at a small café. With my glasses on, my friends across the table were blurry. So I took them off and set them next to my plate… where I left them. We paid our tab, and turned in for the night.

While I can read, use a computer, or see someone across the table without my spectacles, that is about the extent of my vision. If I knew you and you were 50 feet away from me, I would have about a fifty/fifty chance of knowing who I was looking at. So when I discovered the loss of my glasses the next morning, I was more than a little annoyed. But what could I do. WE had to get going and the café wouldn’t be open for hours.

A few days into our journey, we found ourselves in Pamplona. Justin, Ted and I were with our film crew trouble shooting a few difficulties we had encountered. As I exited a small shop in downtown Pamplona, I noticed a tall woman across the busy street. She wore a pink dress, had long legs, a long confident stride, and long dark hair that cascaded down past her shoulders.

Jasper, one of our film crew, was standing close by. I nodded in the direction of the woman and said “Man, she sure is tall!”

“Seriously?” Jasper asked.

“Yeah! And she’s pretty!”

“Dude! That’s a man in a dress!” Jasper howled.

“Man, I can’t see jack with out my glasses!”

“Or Jill!” Ted hollered from the group.

I still haven’t lived that one down!

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