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I'll Push You: A Camino Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends and One Wheelchair

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Order the DVD or Blu-Ray of I'll Push You which includes the 98-minute feature film along with the pre-roll content and Q&A with Billy Gilman from the theatrical release, and previously unreleased footage.

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Watch the online version of I'll Push You which contains the feature film along with the pre-roll content and Q&A with Billy Gilman from the theatrical release, and previously unreleased footage.

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You can also read the bestselling (and award-winning) memoir of Justin and Patrick's journey on the Camino! Available in hardcover, softcover, and digital versions for easy reading.

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"I'll Push You is not just the remarkable story of one able bodied man pushing another man's wheelchair on a 500 mile journey. It's the story of two friends who've spent their entire life's journey pushing each other to be better people. Through their courage, grace and dignity, Justin and Patrick remind us that we are stronger together than separate. As it turns out, we all need a push."

Journalist and Talk Show Host

"We live in a world where it is hard to ask for help, and often we miss out on an opportunity to feel connected, to feel alive by helping others. It is amazing what we can learn about ourselves by being a support for others. “I’ll Push You” is a very moving film that will touch you in many ways. As one of the songs from the film says, “‘life is short, live it well.” Could not say it better myself. Don’t miss this film!"

Newport Beach Indy

"This is an incredibly inspiring film of friendship and faith. Go see it!"

Entrepreneur and the Nation's Top Life and Business Strategist

"In our fast-paced world of shallow engagement, "I'll Push You" comes as a breath of fresh air, depicting a brotherly friendship that is refreshingly deep and authentic. Disarmingly vulnerable, and dangerously challenging, Patrick and Justin offer us a glimpse of what true friendship can look like if we are willing to take the risks."

Grammy-winning band SWITCHFOOT

"You’re guaranteed to fall in love with the world again, as the common good and love in humanity shines bright ad infinitum through Justin, Patrick, and their relationship to each other and those around them."

XFDR Magazine

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